Nomor Research provides training courses for LTE, LTE-A, LTE-A Pro and Mission Critical LTE. Some courses are offered on regular basis, partly via our partners the Carl-Cranz-Gesellschaft Germany and the Continuing Education Institute Sweden.

LTE and LTE-Advanced is THE global standard for 4G mobile broadband systems. Higher demands for wireless data drive the continued evolution of 4G. A new standard was just defined in the latest 3GPP releases, which is called LTE-Advanced Pro and will pave the way towards future 5G systems. The continued growth of wireless data requires enhancement in spectrum efficiency, in the use of small cells and additional frequency bands (unlicensed and shared bands or very high frequencies). LTE-Advanced Pro addresses complete new markets with new systems for future Internet of Things (NB-IoT, MTE-M), Public Safety (Mission Critical LTE), Car-to-Car communication (LTE V2X), future Broadcast Systems (LTE-B) as well as future wearable devices. LTE-Advanced Pro will fulfill most of the 5G requirements and will also co-exist with 5G for a long time. Actually the first phase of 5G can only be operated with an LTE-Advanced Pro eNB using LTE – NR Dual Connectivity. Besides the radio, also higher layer protocols and the architecture has been enhanced to enable such new services and functions.