Nomor provides you highly technical LTE training courses. Nomor experts have been active in LTE research and standardisation since the very first days. For many years Nomor is  involved in the implementation of the UE, eNB, MME protocols and interfaces. Nomor’s courses  are available on adhoc basis, can be fully customized to any LTE related topic and are perfectly suited for  engineers involved in research, development and operation as well as for management, product planning and technical marketing.

In-house Courses

Nomor Research has been providing tailored technology training courses to renowned companies of all sectors. Our in-house courses are available on adhoc basis and can be fully customized to any LTE or 5G related topic.
Instead of having yet another theoretical training course Nomor Research provides you with real hands on training. Nomor's protocol implementations and emulation platform will accelerate the comprehension of your employees and let them experience immediately and interactively the effect of changing different system parameter.

Examples are:

  • LTE and LTE-Advanced Technology
  • LTE and NR MIMO Technologies
  • LTE and NR HetNets and Small Cell Networks
  • LTE V2X Communication and NR V2X
  • LTE eMBMS and NR Broadcast
  • LTE Self-Organizing Networks


Nomor experts are active in LTE and 5G research and standardisation from the very first day and are well recognized in the industry. The technology training is coordinated by Eiko Seidel. Eiko has been working in mobile communication R&D for more than 20 years. Since 3GPP was founded in 1998, Eiko has been contributing actively to 3G, 4G and 5G standardisation in the radio working groups.


Eiko Seidel

Chief Technical Officer
Tel. +49 89 9789 8007

Expertise Facts

  • Chief Technical Officer at Nomor Research GmbH
  • Actively ETSI SMG / 3GPP RAN standardisation since 1998
  • Actively involved in ongoing 5G research and consultancy projects
  • Involvement in EU research projects of FP5/FP6/FP7/H2020:, AMBIENT NETWORKS, ARTIST4G, 5GNORMA, 5G-XCAST
  • Former leader of 3G/4G research team at Panasonic R&D Centre
  • Former head of delegation to 3GPP RAN at Panasonic R&D Centre
  • Successful sale of our LTE eNB L2/3 protocol stack business unit
  • 100+ patent applications submitted worldwide
    (partly declared essential to 3GPP for UMTS and LTE)
  • 100+ contributions to standardisation groups
  • 20+ conference paper and publications scientific journals
  • Active LTE-A Pro and 5G lecturer CCG Germany, CEI Europe
  • Consultant and advisor (start ups, small cell vendors and operators)
  • Independent expert concerning patents, regulation and spectrum