Standards are essential for the interoperability of communication equipment. And interoperability is a necessity for successfully competing in a world of multi-vendor equipment.

Proper knowledge of standards and specifications is required to be able to implement standardized communication products. Understanding standardization mechanisms is essential to properly judge and anticipate future standards. And actively and consistently participating in standards meetings and in related industry groups is required to be able to influence standards in line with vendor or operator goals.

Building up and maintaining contacts to standards dominating companies helps getting valuable behind the scenes information and helps influencing standards successfully. Nomor experts are at the forefront of communication standardization at multiple SDOs (Standards Development Organisations) since their inception.

Nomor delegates have been and are attending 3GPP RAN, CT and SA working groups, ETSI, MPEG, OMA, IETF and ITU to get the latest insights to current and future standards like e.g. LTE and 5G technologies. Furthermore, Nomor is involved in several industry groups such as DASH-Industry Forum, CTA and DVB.

Nomor offers a wide array of standardization services, from passive monitoring to active contribution and contribution preparation. Combined with consultancy services Nomor can even help set up and shape standardisation goals.

Nomor’s standardization services can flexibly be arranged based on multiple possible service model configurations.

Standardization examples:

  • UMTS, LTE and 5G Physical Layer standardization in 3GPP RAN1
  • LTE and 5G protocol standardization in 3GPP RAN2
  • LTE and 5G Radio Access Network standardization in 3GPP RAN3
  • EPC and 5GC Core Network architecture in 3GPP SA2
  • IP Multimedia Subsystem in 3GPP CT1
  • DVB in ETSI and Enhanced TV Services in 3GPP CT3
  • MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) and ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee)
  • DASH-IF (DASH-Industry Forum)
  • Push-to-Talk over Cellular in OMA

Services examples:

  • Develop standardization and patent roadmaps
  • Reports about certain technical areas, work items and/or working groups
  • Explain details of new features, releases and/or technologies
  • Clarify questions on 3GPP specifications and implementation aspects
  • Analyze impact of future features on existing implementation/architecture
  • Analyze feasibility of standardization proposals
  • Represent your company at standardization bodies
  • Active contributions and influence standardization
  • Draft requirement specifications to implement and test certain features
  • Support of product and deployment RFI/RFQ/RFPs