Wireless communication systems are highly complex. Transmission performance depends on a multitude of system parameters and on transmission circumstances like device positions, channel conditions and traffic load.

Such systems cannot be analyzed analytically but instead must be evaluated either in practice or via simulations.

Simulations can be done on different levels. Link level simulations can answer questions regarding single link radio transmission, system level simulations answer questions regarding network related technologies and SON (Self Organising Network) level simulations give answers to questions regarding multiple interacting base stations or networks, including multiple radio access technologies (RATs).

Simulation levels depend on each other. System level simulations build on link level results and SON level simulations make use of system level results. Depending on simulation levels, simulations can be much slower than real time (at low simulation levels) or in real time or faster than real time (at high simulation levels). Fast simulations cannot be not as detailed as slower simulations.

Nomor can offer wireless communication simulations at all simulation levels providing detailed answers on all levels and all layers of wireless communication. Cellular systems like 4G LTE and 5G networks as well as other wireless systems like W-LAN based systems can be simulated.

Nomor’s simulations are highly efficient and fast. In particular Nomor’s unique system level simulator is well respected in the industry for its fast and accurate simulations. Simulations can be flexibly configured covering a wide range of systems, technologies and scenarios.

Results can be obtained off-line for later statistical analysis or “live” with graphical output. Numerous clients from the cellular industry, car industry, research organisations and research projects all rely on Nomor’s simulation services.

Simulation tools:

Link Level Simulator - MATLAB™

Accurately simulation of a single communication link with detailed physical layer processing. 

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System Level Simulator - RealNeS

Accurate multi-cell, multi-user simulations with standard conform link adaptation, scheduling and full user plane implementation.  

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Network Level Simulator - Mx-ART

Multi -RAT, -tenant, -layer, -network, -purpose simulator based on power calculations running faster than real-time. 

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Implemented Access Technologies: 

  • 3GPP 5G cm- and mm-wave
  • 3GPP LTE, LTE-A and LTA-A Pro
  • LTE V2X and IEEE802.11p (DSRC)
  • UMTS MBMS, LTE eMBMS and 5G broadcast
  • IEEE 802.11 (WiFi)

Implemented scenarios and procedures:

  • Homogeneous and heterogeneous networks
  • Small cells (incl. relay, femto-cells) with ICIC, eICIC and FeICIC
  • Various schedulers (RR, PF, QoS, MAX C/I, SPS, PDCCH restriction etc.)
  • Many MIMO transmission modes (SU-/MU-MIMO, 3D-BF, CoMP etc.)
  • SON Procedures (ANR, MLB, MRO, MDT etc.)
  • Carrier aggregation and multi-connectivity
  • Multi-RAT traffic steering, LTE-Unlicensed, LTE/WLAN-aggregation
  • Flexible 5G cloud RAN incl. baseband pooling, network elasticity etc.