Test on possibly infringing Hardware

Telecommunication systems are typically built based on specifications agreed within standard defining organizations (SDO)  in order to facilitate communication between devices of different vendors. Accordingly, patent disputes are largely focused on so called standard-essential patents, i.e. patents that are infringed by any device that conforms to a given standard specification. Here, in many cases, a pen-and-paper analysis is sufficient to establish whether a patent is infringed.

In some cases, however, the situation is less clear, e.g. when

  • the patent covers only an optional feature.
  • the device may exhibit the behavior foreseen by the standard without implementing the feature protected by the patent.

In such cases, tests with sample devices of an allegedly infringing hardware may be helpful to prove or disprove that these devices are actually infringing the patent in dispute.

How Nomor Research can help 

Nomor Research offers services in this area based on

  • an LTE testbed in our laboratory for testing of commercial LTE user equipment (UE) in a controlled environment. Full access to the source code of the network side allows us to analyze the messages sent from the UE, or even to attempt to invoke certain behavior in the UE. Examples are
    • capturing of RRC messages (e.g. UE capabilities)
    • capturing of UE feedback reporting (e.g. CSI feedback)
  • setting up of verification tool chains to validate claims in the area of adaptive streaming and multimedia codecs.