Patents are at the root of todays communication technology development. Communication technology vendors are not only competing based on product superiority but to a substantial degree also based on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

Vendors cannot successfully compete long term without an adequate IPR strategy. Innovation advantages must be safeguarded by patents. Licensing negotiations are almost impossible without owned IPR.

Nomor’s leading technical experts in research and standardization do have up to 20 years of experience in all facets of communication patent work. Nomors experts have generated many hundreds of patents in the area of communication technologies.

They have analyzed numerous patents, created claim charts, conducted prior art research and participated in discussions with patent offices. Their work has been successfully used for patent generation, for patent defence and for negotiating licenses.

Nomor Research also regularly trains EPO patent examiners in Munich, The Hague and Berlin about latest progress in wireless technology and standards.

Service examples:

  • Explain technologies in detail to non-experts
  • In-depth review of related 3GPP specifications
  • Prior art search in SDO specs/documents/emails
  • Analyzis of claim charts and claim chart mapping
  • Run tests on infringing hardware (e.g. LTE smartphones)
  • Technologies: GSM, UMTS, HSPA, LTE, 5G, audio and video coding (AMR, DASH, MPEG, etc.) and related technologies