Today’s communication systems are highly complex and require development in incremental steps.

The quality of the incremental steps is very difficult to adequately judge in isolated test cases alone. Most incremental steps can only be judged adequately when running in the entire context of their communication system.

Demonstrations as well as real-time emulation of system parts can well serve to test incremental steps in complete system environments. They can be used for prototyping and developing new algorithms and for evaluating new technologies and standards.

Demonstrations can be based on deployed systems or on simulations or a mixture of both. When based on simulations demonstrations can help judge new technologies and standards at the earliest point of time before any deployment.

Simulation based demonstrations just require adequate computing environments. They can be easily installed and set up without requiring any real wireless network equipment like RF components or a multitude of network entities.

Real time demonstrations with graphical output can provide a better technology understanding than non-real-time simulations. This is often valuable for demonstrating products or technologies to customers without requiring them to know every technical detail.

Nomor has provided numerous simulation based demonstrations to its clients for demonstration to their customers or within research projects. Demonstrations have been set up at exhibitions and internally.

Nomor’s demonstrations can be flexibly adapted to very diverse needs on all levels of communication system technologies.

Results can be graphically output even displaying geographical environments in real time in 3D.

Examples of latest demonstrations:

EuCNC 2017 (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • 5G Architecture workshop
  • 5GPPP Project 5GNORMA key innovation
Mobile World Congress 2017 (Barcelona)
  • Native multi-service architecture at Azcom booth
  • "Nokia Event Experience" at Nokia booth
IEEE ICC 2016 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • 5G Architecture workshop
  • 5GPPP Project 5GNORMA key innovation
IBC 2016 (Amsterdam)
  • ATSC 3.0 ROUTE DASH (funded and demonstrated by Qualcomm)
EuCNC 2016 (Athens, Greece)
  • 5G-NORMA key innovation End-to-End demonstration at 5G-NORMA booth
Mobile World Congress 2016 (Barcelona)
  • 5G Wide Area demo at Nokia booth
  • 5G @ 28GHz demo at South Korea Telecom booth
  • LTE-WiFi Link Aggregation and LTE Licensed Assisted Access at Nokia booth
  • 5G Multi-Connectivity at Nokia booth
  • 5G-NORMA key innovation End-to-End demonstration at Nokia booth
  • 5GPPP project 5GNORMA key innovation at EU booth
Mobile World Congress 2015 (Barcelona)
  • Licensed Shared Access (with HW coupling) at Nokia booth (joint demo with Intel)
  • 5G cm-wave / LTE Multi-RAT deployment demo on Nokia booth
  • Various demos at Nokia booth displayed in a generic 3D GUI
Brooklyn 5G Summit 2014 (New York University)
  • 5G cm-wave Dynamic UL/DL Switching demo (video)
  • 5G mm-wave Propagation and Switching/Re-Routing demo
Mobile World Congress 2014 (Barcelona)
  • Authorized Shared Access (with HW coupling) at Qualcomm booth
  • Smart WiFi Traffic Steering at NSN booth
  • 5G cm-wave Dynamic UL/DL Switching demo (video)

Example - video