What is DASH?

DASH is an MPEG standard for the format used for delivery of audio, video and related data (subtitles etc.) by all major Internet streaming services, including the industry leaders as Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu etc. In fact, DASH itself employs the fMP4 media format: the same format used by Apple in HLS format for media delivery. Hence there is a significant commonality in DASH and HLS delivery formats. Further, DASH standard is being employed by more and more broadcast standards including the ones from 3GPP, DVB, and ATSC.

DASH Conformance Software

The DASH conformance software is used to validate the DASH content, which is required by content providers and player developers alike.

Nomor Research has been the leading the development of DASH Conformance Software since the inception of the standard in 2010. We have extended and customized this software to suite the needs of a number of companies and standardization bodies. Nomor employs an in-house automated test and verification platform for rigorous QA, to match the expected quality standards of the software. A live instance of this DASH Conformance Software is hosted here by DASH-IF.

How Nomor can materialize your media delivery needs?

Nomor Research can work closely with your organization to customize and integrate DASH and HLS conformance software according to the needs of your media delivery frameworks, including

  • content generation and validation,
  • extensions and inter-working of interoperability tools like the conformance software with your player platform.