Todays communication system business is highly complex. Many different aspects need to be considered in order to successfully compete. Standards knowledge is essential for product development and for insight into current and future technology trends. There is a huge number of specified features to select from while other parts are left for proprietary implementation.

Deep understanding of communication system design is required to adequately judge technology opportunities among the huge number of options. Market insight is a prerequisite for proper roadmap development and strategy decisions. Patent knowledge is the basis for safeguarding innovation and for successfully negotiating licensing terms.

 Technology evaluation is essential for selecting most efficient technologies. And implementation assessment is required for adequate development decisions.

Nomor with its rich experience in all of the above aspects is able to provide independent advice on strategy and products, on technology roadmaps and features and on spectrum and deployment aspects.

Service examples:

  • Development of communication and information technologies, components, services and solutions
  • Source of know-how for companies that do not maintain their own R&D departments or have a different business focus
  • Analyze standards, deployment options, select required features from standards and write requirement specifications for implementation
  • Study technology trends, insight into markets and interest of operators and vendors
  • Adapt technical solutions to vertical segments, to regional requirements or to specific customer use cases
  • Advise companies to support their research and development effort