In certain places neither wired communication infrastructure nor wireless cellular infrastructure may be available. For example in remote areas wired lines and power lines for supplying cellular base stations may not be available. Then satellite communication can be employed.

Also long distance wired lines (e.g. between continents) may be too expensive or infeasible. And long distance wireless line-of-sight communication may be prevented by the earth’s curvature. Then again satellite communication can be used. Satellite communication can be used for television, telephone, radio, internet, and military applications.

Satellite communication can be used directly between end devices or between the entities of terrestrial communication networks. In satellite communication satellites create communication channels between transmitters and receivers at different locations on Earth. The satellites relay the information from the terrestrial transmitters to the receivers.

Satellite communication may complement wireless cellular communication. 3GPP is currently studying the use of satellites for its 5G radio technologies.

Nomor provides a variety of services for satellite communication including standardization services, consultancy services and patent work.

Completed projects include:

  • Projects funded by the European Space Agency (e.g. ALIX, SCORSESE, CoSaT, SVConS)
  • Development of an integrated architecture with satellite, terrestrial and content delivery network components to efficiently deliver adaptive video
  • E2E demonstration of entire content delivery framework on a system level simulator
  • Standardization project to define a 5G satellite air interface in 3GPP working groups
  • EU funded research project ABSOLUTE (Aerial Base Station with Opportunistic Links for Unexpected and Temporary Events)
  • Potential use of satellite links as alternative back-haul technology in remote areas or for moving base stations