Wireless communication enables end devices to freely move during communication. Mobile short distance communication can be provided by direct wireless communication or by small local networks.

Today multiple standards are available for providing short distance mobile communication. Depending on the requirements for communication range, data throughput and power consumption different standards can be applied.

Typical and most common short range low power mobile standards are WLAN and Bluetooth.

Nomor provides comprehensive services for mobile communication including mobile system simulations, technology demonstrations, standardization services, consultancy services and patent work.

Completed projects include:

  • Mobile technologies that have been studied and partly implemented include WLAN/WiFi, Bluetooth, moving LTE ad hoc networks, LTE License Assisted Access as well as out-of-coverage operation for LTE Public Safety networks and Vehicular Communication
  • Evaluation of technology options for rapidly deployable LTE base stations or LTE relays
  • Link level, system level, network level and multi-RAT simulations
  • Development and evaluation of advanced radio algorithms for link adaptation, scheduling, radio resource management, interference coordination
  • Feasibility studies and technology demonstrations at exhibitions and customers
  • Consultancy services regarding research, standardisation, product planning, development, implementation and testing
  • Patent evaluations including claim chart generation and state of the art research and special technology trainings and technology clarifications for use by patent lawyers