Mobile networks are crucial in providing mission critical communications for public safety.

Typically used by blue light emergency and disaster response services, these communications relay vital information when life is at risk. As such, their reliability, availability and clarity are essential to everyday operations. LTE networks can be leveraged not only to provide mission critical communications at system parity with existing solutions, but to enrich them by allowing users to exchange multimedia content in addition to voice and to enjoy access to mobile broadband.

Mission Critical Push To Talk (MCPTT) provides group communication services for on-network and off-network operation. Besides voice also video and other data can be used. Interworking with legacy technologies like TETRA and P25 is being defined. MCPTT is being pushed by many governments and security organisations around the world. Many organizations aim to implement MCPTT within the next few years.

Nomor provides a variety of services for mission critical communication including standardization services, consultancy services and patent work.

Completed projects include:

  • Analysis of spectrum demand to serve various mission critical scenarios
  • Comparison of European spectrum options to serve Broadband Public Protection and Disaster Relief systems for different regions
  • Consultancy services regarding standards and product roadmaps related to LTE Public Safety and Mission Critical applications
  • Research, development and prototyping of security solutions for secure IMS based applications
  • Evaluation of technology options for rapidly deployable LTE base stations or LTE relays in disaster areas
  • Interference coordination methods for unplanned and moving LTE networks
  • Public and in-house technology training courses on Mission Critical LTE