Today internet traffic and in particular video traffic is exploding. Efficient delivery is a prerequisite for sufficient provisioning.

The largest portion of the contents transmitted consists of only a small amount of the overall contents available. Delivering these most popular contents from a single centralized source to a large number of end devices requires a very large amount of communication resources and can easily overload a single server.

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) aim to deliver contents more efficiently. They can also help reduce bandwidth costs, improve load times and increase global availability of content. CDNs can be used for delivering web content (like text, graphics and scripts), downloadable content (e.g. media files, software and documents), live and on-demand streaming media content and social network content. CDN nodes are deployed in multiple locations at the edges of communication networks. Requested content is transmitted from the node closest to the requesting end device.

Delivery of highly popular content can be requested over very large geographical areas covering even multiple continents. In this case content delivery via satellites can greatly improve transmission efficiency, content availability and delivery times. Satellite and terrestrial transmission technologies can be combined to maintain the advantages of both.

Nomor provides a variety of services for content delivery including research, simulations, prototyping and technology demonstrations.

Completed and ongoing projects include:

  • Performance assessment and gap analysis of existing caching technologies for mobile networks within EU funded H2020 project 5G-XCAST
  • Demonstration of the performance of caching technologies at events like IBC, within EU funded H2020 project 5G-XCAST
  • Development, implementation and demonstration of over the air software update technologies and content delivery methods for automotive applications
  • Research and simulation on combined usage of terrestrial and satellite communication systems for content delivery