In certain situations, there is a need to communicate the same content to multiple communication end devices.

For example, television or radio content may be streamed to many users. Or emergency information may be distributed to all end devices. Localized content like video content in sports stadiums or advertisements or traffic information may be distributed to users within a limited geographical region.

In those situations, multicast and broadcast transmission offers potentially large savings in cellular network resource usage.

3G as well as 4G cellular networks provide adequate broadcast and multicast solutions. In LTE MBSFNs (Multimedia Broadcast Single Frequency Networks) can be used to efficiently distribute contents in large geographical areas. SC-PTM (Single-Cell Point-To-Multipoint) transmission can be used to distribute contents even more efficiently in localized areas. Research on 5G broadcast solutions is ongoing.

Nomor provides comprehensive services for broadcast transmission including system simulations, technology demonstrations, standardization services, consultancy services and patent work.

Completed and ongoing projects include:

  • UMTS MBMS (Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Services) and LTE eMBMS (enhanced Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Services) system simulations including both MBSFN and SC-PTM
  • Active standardization at DVB-NGH (Digital Video Broadcasting-Next Generation broadcasting system to Handheld)
  • Participation in EU research projects 5G-XCAST on 5G broadcast technologies with responsibilities for cellular system level simulations and media delivery technologies
  • Comparison of unicast and broadcast communication for group communication and vehicular communication