5G Mobile Network Architecture

5G Mobile Network Architecture for diverse services, use cases, and applications in 5G and beyond

5G MoNArch’s specific technical goal is to use network slicing, which capitalizes on the capabilities of software-defined networking (SDN), network functions virtualization (NFV), orchestration of access network and core network functions, and analytics, to support a variety of use cases in vertical industries such as automotive, healthcare, and media. Network slicing is a technique where the network is logically (not physically) sectorized, so that separate services are supported by each “separate” logical network. As 5G networks need to support simultaneously various services with different requirements, network slicing will be a crucial aspect of the network architecture, providing flexible and adaptive networks which fulfill the 5G requirements.

Focus of Nomor

  • Model the computation complexity of 5G C-RAN
  • Elastic Computational Resource Management
  • Inter-slice computational resource management
  • Verification and validation of the project innovations

Project details

  • EU H2020 Phase II project within 5G-PPP
  • Runtime: 24 months (July 2017 – June 2019)
  • Overall budget: 7.6 M€
  • Nomor Budget: 460 K€
5GMoNArch graphic
5GMoNArch consortium