ARTIST4G Workshop - Advanced Radio Interface Technologies for 4G Systems

Date: 2010-10-18

Collaborative research project ARTIST4G - Advanced Radio Interface Technologies for 4G Systems - enters a new phase with its first workshop

Paris, Brussels. 18 October 2010. The operational phase of the ARTIST4G project will be formally launched today at a workshop held during the EU Concertation Meeting in Brussels. 
The European Commission-funded ARTIST4G project aims to develop innovative technologies based on current 3GPP LTE-Advanced standards in order to improve quality of experience for users of mobile networks. The project follows in the line of the WINNER series of projects, which have proved the efficiency of European-funded projects for maintaining a high level of technological expertise in mobile networks.

ARTIST4G aims to ensure that networks are able to provide rich and uniform connectivity wherever the user is located, in particular by enhancing the quality of service on the cell edge. For this, advanced relaying schemes are under investigation, as well as schemes that involve various degrees of coordination and cooperation between base stations (Coordinated Multi-Point, CoMP) to better serve users regardless of conditions. It is expected that these new technologies will satisfy mobile users’ expectations and increase the economic efficiency of mobile access infrastructure.