Nomor Research is a small yet highly successful and profitable company based in Munich.

We are leading in the area of real time system emulation and protocol development and are specialized in the implementation of future radio access networks.

In sustained research projects with strategic partner companies we develop, implement and standardize cutting edge technologies such as Long Term Evolution/Advanced/Pro (LTE), Dynamic Adaptive Streamline over HTTP (DASH) and nowadays have a strong focus on future communication networks of the 5th generation.

Nomor Research works across all layers of communications.

We are always looking for highly motivated students that are interested in future mobile communication and have proven to perform above average. Working as a student at Nomor offers you the opportunity to gain “hands-on” practical experience in future not yet deployed communication systems, to apply the theoretical knowledge gained during your academic studies and to thus gain valuable experience for a future position in the industry.

Our research staff and our close contacts to universities ensure the best possible supervision of your work.

Depending on the field of activity different limited subsets of the following qualifications would be required:

  • Practical experience in C++ is essential. Experience with the C++ STL library, C++11 and C++14 features, C# or Microsoft .NET would be a plus
  • Knowledge of wireless communication technology or standards such as WLAN and/or LTE(-A)
  • Alternatively knowledge of basic principles of digital video compression, MPEG video standards. In this context knowledge of adaptive streaming technologies and multimedia broadband would be beneficial
  • Understanding of digital signal processing and/or radio /network protocols
    Experience in shell scripting, web-based programming such as javascript and/or PHP, QT creator
  • Software development in IDEs like Visual Studio, Eclipse, or Kdevelop and possibly software testing automation
  • Practical experience in simulation-based analysis,  e.g. ns2, ns3, OPNET, MATLAB/Simulink

The desired minimum duration for an internship or working student assignment is 6 month.

We are continuously offering student positions, internship and diploma theses in the following fields:

  • Various aspects of radio resource management and protocols in mobile communication systems (LTE, WiFi, 5G)
  • Vehicular communication
  • Modeling for system-level simulation of mobile communication networks
    (massive) Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna systems
  • Self organizing networks
  • IP network and TCP transport protocol as well as Mobility protocols such as Mobile IP or GTP
  • OTT VoD and Live adaptive streaming
  • Programming of graphical user interfaces for our simulation tools

Nomor Research offers you opportunities in a fast growing high tech company in an attractive environment in the heart of Munich.

If you are attracted by working on latest technologies and want to learn from experienced engineers, please send your meaningful CV to