5G SATCOM – Nomor Research CFO Eiko Seidel held a talk “Key technology enhancements of future NR based 5G Satellite Access”

Press-Release, October 4 – Eiko Seidel, Chief Technical Officer, of Nomor Research held a talk “Key technology enhancements of future NR based 5G Satellite Access” on 5G SATCOM in The Hague, Netherlands. Based on the background in 3GPP standardization Eiko has introduced required modifications in the Physical Layer and Radio Protocol to support Non-Terrestrial or Space-based networks and has presented some enhancements expected by 3GPP NR Release 16.


5G SatCom brings satellite industry partners together

5G SatCom seminar connects satellite and terrestrial parties, as well as companies from different verticals, to deliver a vision of satellite and 5G integration and address challenges and opportunities in the different vertical markets. This event aims at realizing the potential of integrated 5G and Satcom through tailor made techno-economic discussions including formal and informal networking opportunities.

More info at: https://www.5gsatcom.nl/program

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