IMT- 2020 Evaluation: Calibration of NOMOR’s System Simulator

ITU-R is committed to deliver a specification for an international mobile communication system for 2020 and beyond (IMT-2020). ITU-R has asked for proposals for Radio Interface Technologies (RITs). Each submission has to include either an initial self evaluation or the proponents’ endorsements of an initial evaluation according to the ITU-R guidelines.

Currently, work is being performed by on the IMT-2020 evaluation process. 3GPP as a proponent is performing a self evaluation. Nine organizations have indicated their intention to serve as independent evaluation groups to corroborate the self-evaluation results provided by the proponents. One of these was launched under the umbrella of the 5G Infrastructure Association (5G-IA), which collaborates with the European Commission in the context of the 5G-PPP subprogram of Horizon 2020 on 5G.

Within this IMT-2020 Evaluation Group of 5G-1A, Nomor Research is responsible for conducting a major share of the required system level simulations. In this document, we introduce the considered scenarios including the main configured settings. Our consideration are limited to the enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) usage scenario. In the context of self evaluation, 3GPP is performing a calibration of system level simulators of different members considering Downlink Coupling Gain and Downlink Geometry as calibration metrics. We performed the calibration of our system level simulator against these results and observed that our results are well designed.

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