5G Phase II Study Items approved by 3GPP RAN#80 with support of Nomor Research

At the 3GPP RAN plenary meeting #80 in San Diego, USA, June 11 – 14, 2018 two 5G Phase II study items were approved with the support of Nomor Research. The first study item “NR support of Non Terrestrial Network” lead by Thales is trigger by the ALIX project. With this project,  Nomor Research supports the standardization of a satellite air interface based on NR and a satellite integration into the 5G core. The second study item “LTE-based 5G Terrestrial Broadcast” lead by Qualcomm is highly related to the 5G-PPP Project 5G-XCAST, where Nomor Research is involved. Nomor Research was already supporting the standardization of Rel.14 LTE terrestrial broadcasting (“EnTV”). Nomor Research congratulates all companies involved in these projects and particularly Thales and Qualcomm leading these activities.