Overview 3GPP 5G Satellite Activities

On September 28, 2017 NoMoR Research made a presentation at a 5G Satellite workshop hosted by the German Aerospace Center (DLR). The DLR is the the national aeronautics and space research centre of the Federal Republic of Germany. The presentation by Eiko Seidel, Chief Technical Officer of NoMoR Research, provides a short overview of the 3GPP, the status of 5G standardization and summarizes current activities related to satellites in 3GPP. At the RAN working groups “Non-Terrestrial Networks” are currently under study and also a new SA1 study item on “Satellite Access in 5G” was approved at the last SA plenary meeting in September 2017 in Sapporo, Japan. NoMoR Research is involved in related activities and on September 20, 2017 signed the Joint Statement between the European Space Agency and the European Space Industry on “Satellite for 5G”.

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