Nomor Research signs Satellite for 5G statement with ESA

SATELLITE FOR 5G – Nomor Research signs a joined Statement with the European Space Agency

Munich, Oct 18, 2017 – Nomor Research GmbH, a leading research company providing 4G and 5G related consultancy services has signed a joined statement for the European Space Agency (ESA) together with other well-known international telecommunication companies.

This initiative known as Satellite for 5G provides a major opportunity for the European space industry and their stakeholders. It is especially important for mobile telecommunication, for space and satellites to become integral parts of the future generation of mobile communication networks.

Satellite networks can be configured to provide the guarantee of the highest level of connectivity, availability, resilience and security in significant sectors targeted by 5G. Technological innovation enables the continuous improvement of such performance capabilities.

All companies that have signed this statement strongly believe that 5G Satellite projects lay the foundation for new possible applications. In certain cases, for instance in rural and remote areas or in emergency situations, satellites are more cost efficient and more reliable than other terrestrial alternatives.

Nomor Research has experiences in working with ESA. Since 2016 the company plays the leading role in the ESA SCORSESE project. In one key use case satellites will be integrated with content delivery and terrestrial networks to efficiently deliver adaptive video services.

“The Satellite for 5G project will influence our future! We strongly believe in an important role of satellites in the telecommunications industry and want to do more in this area. We, at Nomor Research, look forward to collaborating with partners within and outside this initiative,” says Dr. Ingo Viering, CEO at Nomor Research.

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Nomor Research, based in Munich, Germany, is a leading company in the research and development of future and emerging communication systems. Besides its deep expertise in 3GPP based technologies, Nomor Research is renowned for its link level, system level and advanced radio resource management (RRM) simulation tools and services.

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