Nomor Research shows 5G E2E Demonstration at the MWC 2017

Nomor Research shows 5G E2E Demonstration at the MWC 2017
Munich, Feb 22, 2017 – Nomor Research GmbH, a leading research company providing 4G and 5G related consultancy services, is going to present a demo its innovations developed in the 5G NORMA project, at the Azcom Technology booth (Hall-7 stand 7G21). Do not miss the opportunity to see the 5G E2E demonstrations by Nomor Research and Azcom Technology on the Mobile World Congress 2017 to be held in Barcelona next week.
The demo at the MWC2017 demonstrates the role of Software Defined Mobile Network Controller (SDMC), which is a key network element envisioned by 5G NORMA, for the next generation of mobile networks, also known as 5G networks. It will be demonstrated that the flexible network architecture, based on 5G NORMA innovations, can adaptively improve the network performance for different set of services, as the result of of SDMC’s service-aware network function (de-)composition. The demo consists of two main parts: The hardware part, which comprises of Azcom’s hardware eNodeB coupled with Nomor’s SDMC, shows how SDMC would communicate with a real-world eNodeB and adaptively configures the eNodeB into edge-cloud or central-cloud network configuration, for improved performance. The software part, comprising of Nomor’s simulator and SDMC, shows a similar network function (re)configuration demo, but on a larger scale in the form of a simulation, with live plotting and comparison for different Key Performance Indicators.

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Picture from Nomor's demo at MWC2017
Picture from Nomor’s demo at MWC2017