Nomor Research shows 5G E2E Demonstration at the MWC 2016

Munich, Feb 18, 2016 – Nomor Research, a leading company providing 4G and 5G related consultancy services, will showcase a 5G end-to-end demonstrator, that has been developed within the 5G NORMA project, at the European Commission’s booth. If you come over the Mobile World Congress 2016 to be held in Barcelona next week, do not miss the opportunity to see the 5G demonstrations of Nomor Research and Azcom Technologies.

The demo at the MWC2016 is composed of 2 parts: HW-based and SW-based showcases. As meeting the low latency requirements is critical for applications like for example remote and autonomous driving, the HW-based demo shows how a model car can be remotely controlled with a smartphone in real-time by means of 5G NORMA architecture solutions. The SW-based demo part shows how for extreme mobile broadband service like HD and UHD videos the network can flexibly adapt to maximize the overall system capacity. Low latency applications, like for example remote and autonomous driving, require a different configuration of the network, in the SW-based demo we show how the service- and content-awareness of the 5G NORMA programmable architecture allows to differently adapt in order to support both extreme mobile broadband as well as low latency applications.

Download our company flyer: Nomor_Flyer2017