NoMoR supports 5G study items in 3GPP SA and 3GPP RAN

NoMoR Research GmbH, in collaboration with its partners, is working for some time in various 5G research projects. Among others, within the 5G NORMA (5G Novel Radio Multiservice adaptive network Architecture) project, part of the 5G-PPP initiative, NoMoR develops a 5G software prototype. NoMoR, that also offers 3GPP standardisation services, welcomes and officially supports the approval of two new 5G study items in 3GPP. At the 3GPP SA and 3GPP RAN meetings, in held in Sitges, Spain in December 2015, SA plenary approved the Study on Architecture for Next Generation System and the RAN plenary approved the Study on Scenarios and Requirements for Next Generation Access Technologies.

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