Dense 5G Mobile Communication Networks operating at 70 GHz

In recent years, mobile communication traffic has been increasing significantly and is expected to continue doing so in the future. Radio frequency bands of with wavelengths in the order of millimetres provide plenty of spectrum to satisfy the requirement of multi-gigabit data rates in future mobile communications. The unique propagation conditions of millimetre waves necessitate extreme beamforming and dense network deployment. However, connecting each access point with a wired link to the core network appears to be economically not viable in this deployment.

Hence, in this paper we focus on a system using over-the-air in-band backhauling. For such systems the deployment of an efficient algorithm for routing the traffic relayed between access points and exchanged between access points and user equipment is essential. In this paper, we propose such an algorithm. System-level simulations illustrate the performance of the system.

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