LTE-A Rel.12 Standardization and Beyond

Quite some time ago major improvements have been made to LTE with LTE-Advanced as part of 3GPP Release 10.  Unquestionably, LTE-A will be the leading global 4G standard fulfilling the defined ITU-R requirements [1] on IMT-Advanced such as peak data rates beyond 1Gbps. While further enhancements to LTE-Advanced have just been completed in 3GPP Release 11, the new technology trends become visible to serve the continuously growing traffic demand. This White Paper, based on Nomor’s attendance of 3GPP, provides an outlook on 3GPP standardisation for the forthcoming years. Besides a summary of general trends and a projected release schedule, it includes an overview of the work and study items of Release 12 in the Radio Working Groups. New key technologies that Release 12 will address are: Small Cell Enhancements, a New Carrier Type, 3D-MIMO Beamforming, Machine-Type-Communication, LTE-WiFi Integration at radio level and Public Safety incl. Device-to-Device communication. While the completion of Release 12 is expected mid of 2014, deployments might be seen around the end of 2015 and later. NoMoR is active in different related research projects and offers consultancy services for related research, standardisation, simulation, early prototyping and technology training.

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