LTE Advanced for 3GPP Release 10

This newsletter provides some slides about Nomor’s initial thoughts on LTE Advanced or 3GPP Release 10.

Eiko Seidel, CTO of Nomor Research has spoken as an invited guest speaker at the “LTE World Summit” on May the 19th 2009 in Berlin. The slides cover the following issues:

  • Background 4G/IMT-Advanced, ITU-R and WRC’07
  • LTE Advanced Standardisation and Requirements
  • LTE Advanced Technologies
    • Carrier aggregation and multi-carrier operation
    • Up- and Downlink MIMO enhancements
    • Cooperative base stations
      • Coordinated Multi-site Beam Forming
      • Combined Multi-site Beam Forming
      • Multi-cell MIMO
    • Relaying
      •  Repeater (layer 0/1 relay)
      • Decode and Forward (layer 2 relay)
      • Self Backhauling (layer 3 relay)
      • Cooperative Relaying
  • Summary
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