LTE PHY – Signals and Channels

This newsletter introduces the latest decisions on LTE and familiarize you with the LTE terminology. Amongst others the different existing LTE physical layer signals and control channels are introduced.

Downlink Physical Signals and Channels

  • Physical Signals
    • Reference Signal, RS
    • Synchronisation Signal, SCH
  • Control Channel
    • Physical Control Format Indicator Channel, PCFICH
    • Physical Downlink Control Channel, PDCCH
  • Data Channel
    • Physical Downlink Shared Channel, PDSCH
    • Physical Multicast Channel, PMCH
    • Physical Broadcast Channel, PBCH

Uplink Physical Signals and Channels

  • Physical Signals
    • Reference signal
    • Reference signals for coherent detection
    • Reference signals for channel sounding
    • Random Access Preamble
  • Control Channel
    • Physical Uplink Control Channel, PUCCH
  • Data Channels
    • Physical Uplink Shared Channel, PUSCH
    • Physical Random Access Channel, PRACH
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